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  H. Malcolm Grimmer: Antique American Indian Art, of Santa Fe, NM, is proud to present, “The Path to Beauty: the Art of Plains Indian Moccasins”, a show celebrating some of the finest historic Plains Indian moccasins extant. The show will be held at El Museo, at the Antique American Indian Art Show, August 16th – 19th, 2016, in Santa Fe, NM.

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What constitutes a masterwork? Perhaps in no field is this debate more perplexing than in American Indian Art, where objects may be cultural heirlooms, historic artifacts, or both. Rarer still, they may be examples of highly technical artisanship. The language of connoisseurship in American Indian Art is therefore one which has multiple dialects.

We hope you too will be inspired. It is with great pleasure that we present our first summer catalogue,“Art Indigenous: Masterworks of the Plains, Plateau, Prairie and Western Great Lakes.” For more information, we invite you to visit us or contact us.

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Specializing in exceptional antique American Indian art from all regions of North America. Including but not limited to: Plains, Plateau, Prairie, Eastern Woodlands and Southeast beadwork and sculpture; Southwest and California basketry, Navajo textiles, and Pueblo pottery and Northwest Coast sculpture.

Our inventory includes items such as Plains war shirts, pipes, tobacco bags, parfleches, beadwork, quillwork, tomahawks and weapons, ledger drawings, cradles, moccasins, blankets, Southwest basketry, textiles, clothing and Eskimo artifacts.

We invite you to browse our collection online by clicking on the images above, or call for private viewing. Click here to read about us.