Grimmer and Cleary Antique Native American Art

Antique American Indian Art For Northwest Coast Collectors


Tlingit red cornered bentwood box

# 31416

c. mid 19th century - Northwest Coast

Single board box with traditional v-groove and bentwood construction. Stitched on one corner with twined cedar root and hand forged copper pegs. Red pigment vertical incised striations to all four corners, Traces of red pigment and incised geometric starburst design on lid. Lid with traditional lashed cedar twine cross stitched and pinned with copper pegs. Original two-board vent bottom with hand forged pegs. Provenance: Deaccessioned from Portland Children's Museum Collection (Formerly the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Washington Park - Portland, OR ) Catalog number: 2339. 14" tall; 13" wide; 13" deep


FOR Northwest Coast COLLECTORS