Grimmer and Cleary Antique Native American Art

We’re headed in a new direction

December 08, 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues, It is hard for me to believe that I have been a part of the antique American Indian art business for more than forty years. Beginning as a collector in the ‘70s, I established Morning Star Gallery in 1980 in Santa Fe, New Mexico; was a partner in Grimmer-Roche; and have again become a sole gallery owner. Along the way, I have had the opportunity to help bring antique American Indian art into the — Continue Reading (pdf)

H. Malcolm Grimmer LLC to present Ledger Art

July 26, 2017

H. Malcolm Grimmer Antique American Indian Art will host a show of ledger art Aug 15th-18 at The Antique American Indian Art Show in the Santa Fe Railyard. The show will include drawings from the Amidon ledger book and select pages from multiple other ledger books. For more information email — Continue Reading

Collecting Ledger Art - Cowboys and Indians Magazine

July 26, 2017

H. Malcolm Grimmer gallery director Thomas Cleary was recently interviewed in Cowboys and Indians Magazine for their article on antique Native American ledger Art. — Continue Reading (pdf)

Dealer’s Notebook: Mac Grimmer and Tom Cleary

June 15, 2017

Check out our interview in the June/July 2017 Blouin Art and Auction Magazine. — Continue Reading

Understanding Cultural Property - A Path to Healing Through Communication

April 28, 2017

The Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association and the School for Advanced Research will present Understanding Cultural Property: A Path to Healing Through Communication, with a full day public presentation by tribal representatives, specialized legal counsel, art professionals, museum personnel and various other interest groups. — Continue Reading (pdf)

Masterworks of Native American Art to Be Donated to The Met by Charles and Valerie Diker

April 06, 2017

The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced today the promised gift from Charles and Valerie Diker of 91 works of Native American art—a selection of recognized masterworks from the collection they assembled over more than four decades. Joining another 20 works already given by the Dikers during the past two decades, these examples — Continue Reading

Western Agenda – Western Art and Architecture

September 18, 2016

An exceptional collection of pre-1890 moccasins chronicles their use as both nomadic necessity and artistic canvas. — Continue Reading (pdf)

Path to Beauty – Native American Art

September 17, 2016

Native American moccasins go back to the time when people needed to protect their feet in harsh climates. Common to all tribes, moccasins evolved over the centuries from simple, stitched hide foot coverings to elaborately beaded works of functional art with structural and stylistic difference from tribe to tribe. — Continue Reading (pdf)

Ledger Art Evaluation – Western Horseman

September 01, 2016

Native American ledger art tells stories of Plains Indian life. A question and answer article about contemporary ledger art vs. historical ledger art. — Continue Reading (pdf)

Moccasin Exhibit Showcases Beadwork

August 07, 2016

“The Path to Beauty: The Art of Plains Indian Moccasins” opening on Tuesday, Aug. 16, showcases about 40 moccasins embellished with the historic beadwork of female artists during the late 19th century. The exhibition/sale is part of the Objects of Art Santa Fe and Antique American Indian Art Show at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe. The show runs through Aug. 19. — Continue Reading

Objects of Desire, War Wear – Art and Antiques

July 15, 2016

Among the Native American warriors of the Great Plains, there was no system of military rank. In order to lead in battle, a soldier had to convince his comrades to follow him, to persuade them that he had the best plan ans was the most competent to carry it out. Consequently, the tribes' military clothing was not a uniform adorned with generic stripes but a highly individual expression of personal valor and achievement. — Continue Reading (pdf)

HMG 2016 Moccasin Show

May 23, 2016

H. Malcolm Grimmer: Antique American Indian Art, of Santa Fe, NM, is proud to present, “The Path to Beauty: the Art of Plains Indian Moccasins”, a show celebrating some of the finest historic Plains Indian moccasins extant. The show will be held at El Museo, at the Antique American Indian Art Show, August 16 th – 19 th , 2016, in Santa Fe, NM. — Continue Reading (pdf)

The Sacred and the Profane –The American Society of Appraisers

March 10, 2016

Tom Cleary featured speaker at 2016 ASA Personal Property Annual Connoisseurship Conference. — Continue Reading

METRO Show dealers entice fair-goers with a spectrum of diverse curated exhibits – Art Daily

June 15, 2014

When the 2014 edition of the METRO Show opens for its five-day run on Wednesday evening January 22, at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, fairgoers will experience a thoroughly engaging new concept billed METRO Curates. — Continue Reading

The Sheridan Pages

June 01, 2014

THE SHERIDAN PAGES: At the heart of the Southern Cheyenne warrior. The Sheridan Pages, a fine collection of c. 1870 ledger drawings, demonstrates the softer side of warriors of the Southern Cheyenne which lay underneath their warlike reputation. — Continue Reading (pdf)

Pottery, the Paranormal, and Other Visions

January 24, 2014

[An] amazing collection: a rare group of drawings called “The Sheridan Pages” at H. Malcolm Grimmer. The drawings were made by Cheyenne Indians around 1870 in colored pencil on ledger paper brought into the area by white businessmen to keep track of financial transactions. Originally collected by a lawyer, John L. Sheridan, who was the brother of Gen. Philip H. Sheridan and discovered inside one of John’s books, they show the courtship rituals of a tribe better known as warriors. — Continue Reading

From Homespun to Hallucinogenic in Two Fairs – The New York Times

January 25, 2013

H. Malcolm Grimmer has an excellent show of drawings from a recently discovered Sioux ledger book from about 1880. Anonymous Plains Indians carefully drew these scenes of hunting, fighting and courting in pencil and crayon on oblong rectangles of lined paper in books supplied by United States military personnel. — Continue Reading

On the money and in the air – The Magazine Antiques

January 01, 2013

Native American arts specialist H. Malcolm Grimmer of Santa Fe sold twenty-four illustrations from a circa 1880 ledger book of Sioux drawings at the Metro Show in January for prices ranging from about $5,000 to $15,000. — Continue Reading (pdf)

The Macnider Ledger

January 01, 2012

The Macnider Ledger Book: Coloring the Plains. The Macnider Ledger Book is a unique historical and artistic document. Drawn in the 1880s by several Sioux warriors, this book recalls Sioux life just before the onset of the Reservation Period. — Continue Reading (pdf)